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okay. >> i think at this time maybe we should start putting in some names forward. i did just want to speak to two of our speakers from last week. and that is mr. daniel weaver and miss veronica garcia and i would like to forward them for seats 5 and 8. i was really impressed with them and mr. weaver has had a long history both in the city of san francisco, but also in the neighborhood as well. i know is well-respected for his work and his engagement. miss garcia is someone who i know is incredibly involved with several different organizations. and has been super active around youth and family issues and i think she would be well-served as well. i know she applied specifically for seat 4. so i will put her
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forward for seat 4. so i just wanted to nominate two. miss garcia for seat 4 and mrs. weaver for seat 5. >> okay. and if i may, madame chair, i would like to select two folks. david mauroff, who i have had the pleasure for working for many years for seat 3. and william walker as well and i don't know which seat that would be. but you have nominated seats 4 and -- >> you know what why don't i put miss garcia on seat 8 with youth and families. i think mr. walker as a student at city college would be better suited for seat 4. >> i will do david mauroff for
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seat 3 and mr. walker for mr. seat 4. so we do have two more seats. supervisor farrell? >> given that i wasn't here last week i would defer to my colleagues. i was impressed by those who came out and spoke today and thank you. and mr. mauroff, i'm glad to see has been mentioned, but i am happy to defer to my colleagues for seat 2, i think mr. rita evans would be great for the bart riders' interest, especially someone riding [pwa-rlt/] everyday to the east bay and i think you would be very well-suited to that see the. which only leaves one remaining see the, seat 1. >> again, i think any of these individuals would do a great
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job for see seat 1 and it's hard to choose, but i will say nicole agbayani for see the 1. >> we have a motion for nicole agbayani, the manager at the excelsior action group. so we have nominations for each of the six seats and it's great to see such an interesting around the balboa station to make sure that we're dedicating the interest and attention that is needed.
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so i just wanted to again repeat the motion that we have before us. we have nicole agbayani for seat 1, miss evans for seat 2, mr. mauer yahoo for seat 3, mr. william walker for seat 4, mr. daniel weaver for seat 5 and miss veronica garcia for seat 8. we can forward that as a recommendation to the full board and do that without opposition. i want to thank our three other applicants that are here today. there will be to be a role and voice for us either as applying for future seats or to be engaged in many of our other task force committees, thank you for being here. madame clerk if you could read item 3. hearing to consider appoint one member to the graffiti advisory
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board. there is one seat and one applicant. >> i believe the applicant is here, mr. [tkpw*-eurg/]. grgich. it's the same format as before. >> my name is michael grgich and i'm 17 years old and i go to gateway high school. it is in district 5 and i live in district 8. i believe that graffiti is an endemic problem in the city. i have been affected by it in my own personal property and my family has as well. and many people i know. while it's not a high-profile problem that gets a lot of attention,ti think it's one that ought to be solved and one that will improve the quality of life of everyone in the city if it's solved. i use public transit pretty much everyday, both bart and muni and i see that muni in particular has been affected very heavily about this issue and i think that its service could be improved if it didn't spend so much money on graffiti abatement.
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i have attend the graffiti advisory board three times thank you. >> thank you so much i just wanted to clarify, i know you are applying for seat 12 and first of all it's great to have young people, young residents interested in serving and representing on behalf of the city. so i'm really glad to see you here. i'm a huge fan of gateway high school and the principal. i just wanted to ask, you are applying for the seat that represents youth groups to provide services for juveniles involved in alternative programs for graffiti abatement and i wonder if the gate way green team does that as well? >> we have multiple members attending gaitway high school in our organization and we do tell people while we're
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particularly involved in environmental factors this is something that involves the city environment. and it's something that dirties the environment and we're involved in keeping a clean area in the school and city. while our impact isn't great we do give people an outlet to help their community rather than hurt it and we do teach them what kind of real impact it does have, both monetarily and to people and their quality of life. >> thank you. at this time i will open public comment on item no. 36789 seeing none, public comment is now closed. [ gavel ] made chair? >> yes i'm just looking right now the applicant is under 18 years old and in the charter all members of boards and commissions must be of legal voting age unless the authorizing legislation sets a position for someone under 18.
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so i'm checking that right now before you take a vote on it. >> okay. then if we may, if we could -- i will take comments first, but maybe we can continue this item to a later portion of the meeting. i would want to find a way to support this applicant, because i know we have a lot of young people engaged in this activity and i love to have his representation, but maybe we could continue this item as we check on that. supervisor campos? >> i just simply think if there is any legally permissible way to do this we should move forward with the appointment. >> thank you. thank you for being here. we'll continue this item until a later portion of the meeting. at this time i will call item 4. >> item no. 4 hearing to the quarterly reports of the shelter monitoring committee. >> thank you.
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and we have mr. wooten here who presented on the shelter monitoring committee. thank you for being here. >> thank you. good afternoon. thanks for having us. matt wooten, vice-chair of the shelter monitoring committee here with ramon, lacayo, the secretary. usually we hand you this report and read it to you. today i would like to do something a little different, if that is okay? i want to take this time to bring to your attention as of november 23rd, all of the seats on the committee will be expiring. sadly a vast majority of the people in their seats will not seek re-appointment. i am one of those people. this means there will be no quorum. and the committee will be
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ineffective. i bring this to your attention because i'm hopeful that rules will prioritize appointments beginning in january, especially prioritizing spanish-speaking appointees and providers. this is not to be considered a walkout or show frustration, but simply our terms are ending and we no longer have the time to commit to this. >> mr. wooten, if i could clarify, we don't have staggered terms for the committee members is that correct? >> correct. >> i think perhaps we'll work on amending that. because we certainly understand the incredible time commitment that each of the individuals volunteer and so having everyone come ot at the same time i think we have that addressed through staggered terms. it's certainly a huge commitment and we don't expect everyone to reapplyfor their seats. >> that is one of my points that i wanted to make. so i appreciate that.
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in addition to the whole board vacating at once, there are a number of additional concerns that we have. how do we -- the city, maintain a committee of able and committed members? as it stands the committee is all volunteer. the workload as of now are far too labor intensive to be sustained by a volunteer board. so as you just suggested perhaps staggering terms would be an excellent idea. but this is just one issue. the officers have collectively identified a number of issues and large-scale questions, but i believe we're at a point that some changes need to be made. first the committee need goes through some major changes such
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as do the standards of care continue to make sense at this time? they did at one time. but it might not make sense anymore and how can we as a committee without teeth enforce standards of care? how can we expect shelters to meet standards of care when they are unfunded? and what is a just penalty for non-compliance? certainly it doesn't make sense to fine somebody for not having enough money. so my purpose again is not to [pr-erpbt/] present frustration, but suggest a change and the committee will need the support of this committee going forward and mr. lacayo would like to say as the only bilingual person -- there are two members now, but i just wanted to say that i know that myself
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and the other officer is very proud of the work that we have done and believe we have made small, but significant steps forward. >> good afternoon, as vice-mayor said i'm ramon lacay yo and i was the only spanish-speaker committee member to 10-11 months until last month we have another spanish committee member, mrs. barria, who i believe is here. i wanted to say a statement from my perspective working with the shelter system and the city and county of san francisco, i think the rules committee should prioritize spanish-speaker appointees because the amount of work, like the vice-chair said, is immense. and there is not enough staff in the shelter system.
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and sometimes we had to help translating, interpreting and so on and so on. it's true that sometimes we're very strict with the shelters to fulfill the standards of care to be compliant with the standards of care. and recognize the dolores street program who had the right attitude to improve as a shelter and they have a vast majority of spanish speakers and thank you the rules committee for allowing me to serve the community of san francisco. it is very rewarding, challenging work that i think is important. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. lacayo. >> is that it?
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great. thank you, mr. wooten and i do appreciate some of your recommendations and the report as we always get them. i do think it would be a good idea to think about ranking our shelters and resource centers by their compliance under the standards of care. and also thinking about how we could have staff conduct the site visits, because i know that is a lot of extra volunteer hours for the shelter monitoring committee. so our office is really committed to working on you, maybe doing amendments that include the staggered terms so we don't have everyone coming offer at the same time. it's a height commitment and we really thank you for your service on the committee. thank you and with that i will open the item to public comment. seeing no public comment -- >> here i am.
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good afternoon, supervisors, will daily currently serving on the shelter monitoring committee. i will be resigning and we'll have a mass exodus. i am a sheriff's department client advocate, but i'm here on my late lunch hour today. two words for you, unfunded mandate. it becomes very problematic to legislate things for the shelters and not provide the funding. as i'm sure you are well aware the shelters were flat-funded for many years. it's great that the 2% increase in the supplemental came about this year. however, even with that, i don't know if you are aware, but recently mse south laid off several employees, because they had been eating the additional costs for many
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years. i understand the budget situation at the same time and we gave a tremendous tax break for the millions to-be at twitter. we give them a dedicated municipali line which they don't use because they have a private shuttle. so you know, there is some kind of money available, and i strongly feel that if your predecessors mandated this, and it's your responsibility as a rules committee to make sure that the rules are enforced. that it needs to be in the budget every single year, not to have the shelters come begging all the time for these things. one thing in conclusion, i have
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spoken with amanda freeh about >> implementing a program for all sheriff's departments to benefit from this. thank you for your time. i will be submitting a resignation letter with more recommendations. thank you. >> thank you and thank you for your service. any other public comment on this item? it's a lack of thought and lack of innovation regarding the committee itself, and i think it's -- when you look at the -- when you consider that jennifer freeden backen and the coalition on homelessness has
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had an monopoly on the appointees it goes to show that you the people on these committees have no dream or no vision of how to make these shelter systems better. the other thing too is that they keep talking about unfunded mandate. if they knew the history, or if they were there when that legislation was created and passed, they knew it was unfunded mandate. they knew it right out of box when they were sitting in meetings for 18 months and what makes it worse they are not even talking about how to come up with the stuff that they would need to fulfill it. because i figure you have all of these businesses. you have got all of these organizations. i mean, i'm sure somebody would want to give them something. and like the leftover toilet paper or the blanket sheets or the soap. there is a guy who run as round san francisco and he just drops
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off soap. so they are not even thinking about anything innovative. they are not even get paid enough to go to the site visits and that is a problem and i will also throw on top of this is the chair of the shelter monitoring committee, they went to that shelter twice. that is what it looks like. they went to that shelter twice and couldn't even inspect the shelter. so it's really like corruption, a shelter -- a head person for the shelter -- an executive person for the shelter gets on the shelter monitoring committee and then they have this whole thing where you can't even inspect their shelter. >> thank you. is there any other public
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comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed of the supervisor campos. >> thank you, madame chair and thank you for the presentation. i think that we have to heed the advice given and i look forward to working with supervisor kim's office to see where we're going from here. the way i see it it's not about lack of innovation or willingness or desire and i think we can work together with the existing committee members to see what some of their ideas are and to work with the agency, which also has its own ideas in terms of how we can move forward. i'm certainly committed, supervisor kim, to working with your office to ensure this body
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not only lives up to the letter, but also the spirit of what was intended. i want to thank all of the members of the committee for their work. it is in many respects thankless work. a lot of time and energy goes into it and you wouldn't be doing it unless you had the commitment and the passion. and is that is greatly appreciated and i'm especially concerned to make sure that we have members of that committee that reflect the diversity of the city. especially when it comes to being able to address the language needs of certain communities. i think that is very, very important. thank you again for your work and your service. >> thank you. i want to thank mr. wooten and mr. lacay yo for being here today. i think that there is some really good thoughts and suggestions and officer the
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next two weeks, we'll set up a meet and include supervisor campos' office as well. we'll prioritize the vacancies and look for spanish speakers, because i know that takes up a significant portion of our shelter community. i heard from folks about the unfunded mandate and there were things put forward in having real reforms in our shelter system. i think there are improvements that have been made, but there continues to be much move more that we can can do. it's important that we have an entire office dedicated essential or specifically for initiatives around homeless with former supervisor dufty.
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so seeing no further comment -- i'm sorry, i didn't see you here. >> i have been sitting here all along. >> human services agency? >> right. >> i couldn't see you. >> so we, too at both city departments human servicesion and department of public health would like to give kudos to the shelter monitoring committee. we have worked really hard over the past two years to bring about some continuity and we have really worked well with the committee members and we're glad that you are considering staggering appointments because i think that will really help and we have gone over reports and things that we need to do better and things that they want from us. in november we're going to do a
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transitional meeting with outgoing officers in order to make sure that we continue with the continuity of what they have been doing and the types of reports that they have asked of both departments to make sure that we're all on the same line. we do realize in our department that any recommendations that we make in the sheriff's department access work group is going to affect the standards of care, because it's legislated. so we have to be mindful of as we move forward with implementing those recommendations. i just wanted to say that and thank the committee members. >> thank you for being here. we know how closely hsa has been working on this issue. great. seeing no further comment, can we take a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair. >> so playoffed and we can do that without opposition. [ gavel ] >> madame clerk could you
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please call i. no. 5. >> item no. 5, ordinance amending the administrative code to extend the sunset date of the public utilities revenue bond oversight committee to january 1, 2018. >> sponsor of that legislation is here, supervisor farrell. >> the revenue bond oversight committee was started by proposition p and i want to acknowledge former supervisor hall here. thank you for being here. monitoring and reports publicly about the public unumprovidents commission expenditure of revenue bond proceeds and there according with proposition p set to expire in 2013, january 1, so just a few months away unless extended by ordinance of the board. right now the puc is expected to complete its water system
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improvement program in a number of years in september of 2016. so there are years to go on spending those bonds and it's going to initiate work on its wastewater system improvement program, which will continue beyond 2020 and will include billions of dollars of public expenditures. while i understand people have ideas about the flaws, current oversight is important talking about spending billions in san francisco. i would like to call on kevin chang the chair of the revenue bond oversight committee currently to talk about the committee itself and extending it for a few years. >> my name is kevin chang and in order to oversee all of the billions of dollars, $4.6 billion in order to implement systemwide improvements for water, wastewater and sewer lines for the -- power, sorry
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for the city and county for all members of public to be able to examine how the money is being spent and whether it's being spent properly and more importantly this huge capital project will be on-time and onbudget. and this has been the primary focus of the program. as the implementation of these
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projects, the first eight years was started around the design of the projects and now we're actually in the middle of all of the implementation in building of all the seats. this is the proper time to actually have the body extended in order to provide the public the assurance and the trust that they need that these funds are well-spent and well-placed thank you. >> colleagues, questions? >> i was wondering in the original proposition date was originally set for 2013? was that just a random date? >> i think the earlier estimates for what the projects will start and when they will end was designed around a ten-year timeframe. as can you imagine they go through a number of municipalities. largely some large projects were stalled due to environmental and coun

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